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How It Works

If you're a mentor, after you sign up, no further action is required on your part until you're contacted by a mentee. A mentee will contact you via our contact form, and you choose whether or not to respond.

If you're a mentee, after you sign up, you can search for a mentor in the category that best meets your needs. Once you initiate contact through our form, it's up to the mentor to respond.

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Who We Are

The Mentoring Network was created by the University of Vermont (UVM), more specifically by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR).

It's an exciting time at UVM — the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University is a priority. To support the entrepreneurial activity of UVM's faculty, staff and students, OVPR created this tool.

Right away, there was interest from Vermont entrepreneurs. We had always planned to extend the network to the Vermont business community, but it happened much more quickly than we expected.

In Vermont, "entrepreneurs grow like trees.""*


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* See Entrepreneurship at the State of Vermont's official website for more about Vermont's culture of innovation.